Nagaura Factory, Ltd.

Design of molds for plastic / Plastic product manufacturing / Manufacturing of finely-machined products using laser processing machinery


List of Mold-Compatible Steel and Resins

Plastic (Resin)

  • PMMA (Acrylic)
  • PBT
  • LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer)
  • General Purpose Materials
  • Engineering Plastics
  • PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide)
  • PEEK
  • Elastomer
  • Urethane Resin


  • NAK
  • DC-series Tempered Steel
  • SKD-series Tempered Steel
  • Cemented Carbide
    (Mainly laser processed)

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Company Overview

Technique and Sincerity

Amidst the steadily advancing globalization in the mold industry, how can we become the company our customers need by employing techniques developed in Japan?

Accomplishing production of more than 3,000 types of molds in 30 years.
We are confident that we can use this know-how to propose and manufacture the optimum mold for finished products of a variety of industries in accordance with the characteristics of a variety of resins.

Additionally, we proactively accept and incorporate new technologies such as laser processing and 3D printing into the experience and engineering we have cultivated to help our customers give their desires a shape.

Craftsmanship makes crafts and humans. The people who carry Japan's treasured manufacturing industry desire to serve the customer's needs and unite to think and act. We devote ourselves each day whenever possible to becoming such a company.

Representative Director and President: Kentaro Nagaura

Corporate Name

Nagaura Precision Co.,Ltd

Representative Director and President

Kentaro Nagaura


Nagareyama Industrial Park 1028-11 Nishifukai, Nagaura City, Chiba Prefecture






Capital Funding

JPY 10,000,000




June 1976

Corporate Founding

August 8th, 1978

Overview of Facilities

Grounds: 1650 m2
Building/Factory: 660 m2
Office: 165 m2

Available Services

Design and Production of Molds and Associated Products for Plastic Casting

August 1978

Established as Nagaura Factory (Ltd.) in Urawa City, Saitama Prefecture (now Saitama City)
Manufactured mold cavities for the making of precision plastic gears.


Design and manufacture of electroformed masters for audio system knobs.


Built Nagareyama Factory in Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture to expand the business.
Moved into category of production.


In response to customer requests, began accepting orders integrated from start to finished mold (outsource processing).

April 1984

Established mold department.
Began in-house production

June 1991

Relocated to Nagareyama Industrial Park
Until the present day.

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