Nagaura Factory, Ltd.

Design of molds for plastic / Plastic product manufacturing / Manufacturing of finely-machined products using laser processing machinery


List of Mold-Compatible Steel and Resins

Plastic (Resin)

  • PMMA (Acrylic)
  • PBT
  • LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer)
  • General Purpose Materials
  • Engineering Plastics
  • PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide)
  • PEEK
  • Elastomer
  • Urethane Resin


  • NAK
  • DC-series Tempered Steel
  • SKD-series Tempered Steel
  • Cemented Carbide
    (Mainly laser processed)

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Nagareyama Industrial Park 1028-11 Nishifukai, Nagaura City, Chiba Prefecture

7 min by taxi fromToubu Urban Park Line, Edogawa Station, West Exit
20 minute walk along the canal from Toubu Urban Park Line, Unga Station, West Exit

Joban Expressway, leave at the Nagarayama interchange, head towards Noda, turn left at the 3rd traffic light. Continue straight ahead and before the embankment, Nagareyama Industrial Park should be on your left. For directions within the industrial park please use the diagram below for reference.

Location in the Industrial Park

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